Claims Service

Hugh Wood Canada Ltd. views claims advocacy as being among the most important roles that a broker has. We are committed to ensuring that our clients' needs are met and that any difficulties that may arise are dealt with in a prompt and professional manner. We provide our service to all clients, both large and small.

In the past, Hugh Wood Canada Ltd. has achieved satisfactory settlements for clients where the insurance company involved had originally declined to cover the claim. The change in position resulted from diligent efforts on behalf of our clients to convince the insurance company that the initial coverage denial was flawed. Cases like these have involved settlements well in excess of $1M CDN.

Claims begins with your report to us of an incident that requires support from your insurance providers. Whether the report is directly to the person you deal with regularly, or via our 24 hour emergency service number (accessed by calling our office numbers), we will follow up to make sure the investigation and adjudication of the claim are handled satisfactorily and intercede should there be any concerns with either service or settlement.

Ensuring that our client's receive top notch service from their insurance providers is a priority. We step in to assist when and wherever needed. We do not work for insurance companies, we work for you. 
Claims contact:
Call our office at 416-229-6600 or 1-800-240-7055. After hours, contact the same numbers and then follow the prompts for immediate connection to a live person who will begin the claim handling process.

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