Hugh Wood Canada Ltd. is a privately-held independent organization with access to Hugh Wood International (HWI), a global insurance and risk management services firm.  In addition to placement capabilities in hundreds of markets worldwide, we have direct access to Lloyd's of London via H.W. Wood Limited, a fully accredited Lloyd's broker.    

We employ skilled professionals with expertise in the domestic and global marketplace.  Our specialized market niches include real estate, engineering, fine arts and collectibles, renewable energy, healthcare, hospitality and mineral exploration.  

Since 1982, our team of results-oriented and dedicated professionals has expertly delivered insurance and risk solutions to our clients.  Through our unique access to Hugh Wood Inc. in the USA, we provide efficient cross-border services to Canadian business for all 50 states, saving our clients time and money.  
We apply a "Client First" process, partnering with our clients to fully understand their business and prioritize their risks.  This serves as the foundation of a meaningful and customized risk and insurance program that optimizes our clients' total cost of risk.  
Using our Written Service Timeline and Service Standards tools, we take a proactive approach to managing our clients' needs, addressing important business issues on a pre-determined schedule to ensure associated risks are managed effectively.  Our clients benefit from maximum coverage scope at predictable and controllable costs.  
We are not too big…
As a mid-sized international firm, we are unencumbered by layers of management and profit center interest, enabling us to deliver proactive, flexible services to our clients and adapt swiftly to ever-changing business environments.  
...but we are not too small!
We are not limited to regional or national markets.  Leveraging our access to HWI offices on four continents, we take a global approach to serving our clients and delivering the best solutions worldwide.